How the production of biofuels affects the people of North Dakota

  • The biofuels industry contributes about $642 million each year to the economy of North Dakota.
    • Numerous job opportunities are available in the biofuels industry.
      • Approximately 200 workers are employed in North Dakota ethanol plants.
      • The average worker earns about $64,000 per year.
      • Examples of jobs include scientific work, operating machinery, repairing and maintaining equipment, working in a laboratory, and office work.
Fuel Pump Octane
Fuel Production: North Dakota was the 9th state to offer E15 fuel.
  • The biofuels industry benefits North Dakota farmers.
    • About 80 percent of the corn used in the state's ethanol plants is purchased from North Dakota farmers.
      • The demand for corn to make ethanol has increased the price, so farmers are making more money from corn.
    • Farmers can burn cleaner fuel for their trucks and tractors.
    • Each bushel of corn used to create ethanol produces about 18 pounds of livestock feed.
  • North Dakota is a national leader providing choice for consumers at the gas pump, with nearly 200 flex-fuel blender pumps E20, E30, and E85.
  • Use of biofuels results in savings at the gas pump, more earnings for farmers, more good jobs in the state, a boost for the economy, and a cleaner environment.