North Dakota: People Living On The Land

This state we live in today is the result of thousands of years of human habitation, experimentation, cultural growth, economic change, and political decisions. The process was never easy in a land of hot summers, cold winters, and unreliable rain. The land is both generous and stingy, but North Dakota is a land of resilient people. This is their story — and ours, too.

About North Dakota Studies

The North Dakota Studies program at the State Historical Society of North Dakota seeks to promote the teaching and learning about the geography, history, government, current issues, and citizenship of North Dakota. The program offers resources on the people, places, events, and fascinating history of North Dakota.

To complement and extend the North Dakota Studies experience, North Dakota: People Living on the Land has been uniquely designed and developed to be both a chronological and thematic approach to studying North Dakota Studies. Read, analyze, and become your own historian.